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Based on your own ideas, we design your dream watch.



You can make changes to our existing collection according to your wishes.



See watches from our existing collection.



Based on your own ideas, we design your dream watch.

Onirique is french and means dreamlike. It is the suitable option for those seeking a high degree of individuality. Our passion is to faithfully realize your dreams of a unique watch and here you are in the centre of our process. After selecting the movement based on your desired features, you are completely free in the design of the dial, hands and casing. Not to worry, we are always here to help you along the whole process.

In the first meeting, we collect your ideas and translate them into a computer animation. After receiving corrections and suggestions from your side we produce the piece of jewellery. During a formal handover, you will finally receive the watch. But what options are available for you?

Below are some features and functions of possible movements. We can offer you nearly 30 different variations of watch features.

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You can make changes to our existing collection according to your wishes.

Step by step, we are expanding our product range within our collection. From these selections you can put together your dream watch. It consists of two different models with different dials. These are the GMT Big Date and Big Date Power Reserve models. Soon, however, more models will follow. In addition, with our surface specialist, we are constantly developing new different, unusual and exclusive surfaces and patterns.

You want the features of one model, but the dial of another and the band of a third?
No problem, we put it together.

Choose the following:

  • Features and displays of the movement

  • Type and colour of the dial

  • Colour of the hands

  • Size of the casing

  • Type and colour of the band


See watches from our existing collection.

Currently, our collection consists of a single model, with various dials, different case sizes and different bands. Soon, however, more models will follow. With our Surface Specialist, we also develop various, unique and exclusive surfaces and patterns for dials and case surfaces.




The heart and the engine

The construction of a watch movement is extremely demanding. We are all the more pleased that we can count on the cooperation with two top Swiss watch manufacturers.


It protects the movement as well as the dial and the hands

DThanks to state-of-the-art technology, we are able to produce the casing in our own factory. Nevertheless, we can count on the cooperation of local companies from the land for larger quantities.


Its quality increases the comfort

Again, we can count on Swiss made quality. All of our bands are made in Switzerland.


FFor the face of the watch, only the highest requirements suffice

The production takes place in our own factory. For refining the surface, we can count on the cooperation of an excellent surface specialist, also from the land.


They are very delicate and are treated with the utmost care.

After waterjet cutting by another Swiss company, they are sanded by hand, pressed into the pipe and, if necessary, dyed accordingly by our surface specialist.

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The young watchmaker Silvan Deutschmann had discovered his fascination for the complex, filigree but incredibly extraordinary technique of watches during family vacations in the Valeé de Joux, the Swiss watchmaking valley. The many watch-making studios along the streets delighted him so much that it still inspires him today.

The fact that he has already drawn, constructed and produced his own watch during the watchmaking apprenticeship demonstrates how creative the young entrepreneur is. He also enjoys taking on challenges and implementing new ideas.

Silvan Deutschmann is not alone on the journey. With his dedication he inspired those around him, which is why the Horlogerie Deutschmann GmbH is a family run business.

The company not only wants to fulfil the individual wishes of their customers, but also claims to have the maximum Swissness in their products. In addition, the company can trust in the good cooperation with various partners.


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